Raw material versus readymade

When people don’t see anything in you, they make you feel worse than shit possibly because of their poor sense of insight into your innate abilities which may be a raw material.

People love readymade, only a few people love raw material. If I am allowed to choose, I’ll prefer raw material because that’s an opportunity to unveil my talents. There’s little you can do to a material that is already made but there are innumerable things you can make out of raw material.

When people begin to make you feel awkward because they feel you have nothing to offer, don’t pay attention to them. Use that as a tool to work on yourself. The importance of personal development can never be overemphasized. Work on yourself especially in the area you’re interested in.

Try to be the best version yourself. If you’re looking for good people, try to be one first. If you’re looking for nice people, try to be one. Whatever you’re looking for, try to be it first. In the process of trying to be what you’re looking for, you’ll find people on the same page as you. You’ll find people that are ever ready to bring the best version of you to the limelight. That’s where you find true friendship, real people that have the same ambition as you. Right here too, criticism is very strong but you can always use that as your building material.

When you finally arrive, you may hardly have true friends because you’re now something people can look at even closing their eyes. This stage becomes a deadly trap if one is not careful. Everybody wants to hang around you both good and bad because of your gift.
Personal development is the key.

May your day be on cloud nine!

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