Perfect Cure for Fatulence, Indigestion, bloating and other GI disorders.

There’s nothing more embaracing than farting without control. Worst of it, a very smelly fatulence  which sometimes result from the type of food we eat. But sometimes too it is caused by poor absorption rate by the intestine which allows food taken to ferment in the lower intestine without proper digestion.  This can result to gases in the gut, indigestion, bloating and fatulence.

It very embaracing to pass the wind  without knowing until it has filled the whole room. And you’ll be like “did i fart?”  before you realize, every eye will be watching at you. Though everybody farts, it is not a good thing to scare people with your malodorous fatulence.

Today you’re being provided with  simple herbs that have been used for centuries to tackle gastrointestinal problems. Today count your problem over.

1. Ginger: Ginger will give you instant relieve from indigestion, bloating and fatulence. You can chew the ginger if you can withstand its taste or simply grate it and turn into a hot water and drink as tea.

2. Fennel seeds: fennel seeds too have been proven times without number  for  effective removal of stomach gas, fatulence reduction, bloating and indigestion. You can chew a few seeds or simple make tea out of it like ginger.

3. Peppermint: Yes this has been proven to effectively eradicate fatulence, bloating and indigestion. Do the same as ginger and fennel seeds.

So try this and give us a feed back by posting comments. Use the ones you can find in your area. The three of them are very effective in treating gastrointestinal malady.

Do have a nice day!

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