When I took my first breath Poem by John Ukpanukpong

When I took my first breath
I knew unconsciously that I was in for it
I cried for the first time
Friends and family welcomed me
A couple of days I started guessing at faces
Trying to understand my new environment
All I had to do was eat, sleep and cry
My direction was always at my food source
My mode of communication was to cry
My cry makes my sweet mum to search

When I took my first breath
I was tortured for no reason
Can this people be so wicked I cried in pain?
With smiles on their faces “you’re welcome”
Oh I thought “can this world be so sarcastic?”
What have I done to deserve all this?
Oh! My new environment is quite uncomfortable
My food pipe was cut off but I never knew why
Until the bad worms came to eat me up
Oh cried and cried and cried and cried
When I took my first breath
My food source was in a new direction
I had to be led to where it was because of ignorance
“What are you putting into mouth?”  I thought
It’s taste made me wanted more
Disconnected, “What again?”  I screamed and cried
Mum said “ it’s time you hit the sacks”
Everything seems strange to me
I looked at the well garnished bed
I wondered and wondered and wondered.
When I took my first breath
Little fellows came to greet me
Some dared to carry me
I screamed and cried and cried
“Can this little hands bare my weight” I thought
But they was one familiar hand than bore me
I unconsciously wasn’t afraid
I had my firm trust in that hand
She carried me and sang lovely songs
She smiled, smiled and smiled and smiled.
When I took my first breath
I heard sounds I never was familiar with
“Why are they making a noise?” I thought
I saw their mouth moving up and down
But I never understood the sound it brought
“What a world of confusion” I thought in bewilderment
“Oh very strange” I thought
Oh what can little me do
All I had to do was to join them
I watched, and watched and watched.  

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