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WhatsApp Tricks You never knew existed

Today I feel like sharing various WhatsApp tricks with you. I have found out that many people don't know all the features in whatsApp which has limited their ability to flow, retain and be flexible with data sent or received via this App messenger. So Today that's what this post is all about.

1. How to store/ retrieve important data
Most people don't really know how to store and retrieve information that interest them. They are three methods I want to share with you. Search, Star messages and email chat.

Search:This tool has come to save alot of stress for participants in a group. An old group may have issues that have been discussed countless times. In such cases, it  becomes a heavy task engaging those same persons again to start allover. And its also a heavy task to scroll and scroll and scroll until you get fed up. So this search will help you do that.
  • To search for a particular keyword in a group or chat, click on the three vertical dots at the top right hand 
  • Then click search
  • Type what you want to search and press  the inverted greater than sign to move up. Keep clicking it until you get to the search result you are looking for.
  • Your search will go as far as the day you join the group. 
Star Messages: If an important message is sent to you via private chat or group chat and you want to to always go straight to the message, you can simply star the message. Starred messages are like bookmark which serve as shortcuts to the messages. 
  • Select the message/messages you want to start
  • Look at the top, you will see a  star icon, Just click it. 
  • That's all. But make sure you select the message first. 
  • To view all starred messages, go back to main menu and click the three vertical dots at the right hand side. 
  • Then Click on Starred messages.
  • You can also remove it by clicking on the star again or click unstar again 
  • When you unstar a message, it does not delete the original message sent.

Email Chat: You can also send all chat to your email address so that you retrieve them whenever you like.   The tool you are going to use is Email chat history
  • Tap and hold on the individual or group conversation. 
  • Select  Email conversation. 
  • Tap Send. 
  • An email will be composed with your chat history attached as a .txt document. 
  • Type the email address you want to sent to and click send.
2. How to Know who has read, seen and played your message/media  in a group:
Some people can get bothered over recipients reading their  message/messages or not in a group. With this simple tool you can know the number of persons your message has been delivered to and the number of persons that have read your message.
  • Select the  sent message.
  •  Click  this icon  (Message Info) at the top
  • Its going to display the number of persons that your message have been delivered to but have not read and the number of persons that have both received and read your message.See what those icons mean below:
  •  message successfully delivered to the recipient's phone.
  •  the recipient has read your message.
3. Group chat notification annoying you.......

  • Click Group or  individual chat 
  • Click the three vertical dots at the right hand side
  • Click Mute
  • Select the duration and press ok.
  • All messages would be delivered without a sound made  
Do have a nice day!

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