My journey to my Destination Poem Written By John Ukpanukpong

Through colds and storms
I will never give up
Through bites and hurts
I will never relent.
Though the path seems unclear
Yet I’ll persevere once more
Until I reach my final destination.

With love and strength
I’ll continue to move on
With victory in mind
I’ll remind myself
With joy and peace
I’ll be a true soldier
My destination is all I care about.

With faith and desperation
I’ll stand as a rock.
With courage and perseverance
I’ll wait till its my turn
With trust and hope
I’ll look forward and not backwards
My destination is my goal.

When crises arise
I’ll still focus on my goal
When I seem confused
I’ll look at my road map
When i lost my direction
I’ll look at my compass
My destination, nothing less nothing, nothing more.

I don’t focus on the sky
Because the sky is not my limit.
I don’t compete with people
Because our paths do differ
I make a lot of mistakes
That shows am a perfect human
My destination is my concern.

I fall several times
I’ll get up and try again
If I can’t get up
I will crawl until I find strength
My fate will be my courage
When my strength is consumed
My destination is my target.

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