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How to get instant traffic to your new blog without google search

As a new blogger, soon you begin to get high blood pressure because Google has not indexed your page as one of the top pages on Google search. We are giving Google more power to continue to afflict us with its stringent policies on SEO.  Getting traffic from Google search will take time and effort. I have not condemn SEO in article but I speak as a business man who will not want to put all eggs in one basket. The social media is one of the ways to drive huge traffic to your site. Every day people login to these accounts and find what they are looking for as easy as ABC. So with this few tips you can drive heavy amount of traffic your new blog.

The world is gradually evolving to a social hemisphere where everything thing you need with precision is found on a social network/media. The advantages of passing your content through social network/social media sites are enormous.
The first is that you receive instant reach to people anywhere in the world unlike search engines especially Google where people have to search for certain keywords before it is directed to your blog pages and we all know that majority of people click only links in the first page of Google search. So, for your write-up to come out first in Google as a new blogger, it has to be a gray area where no one has written about. For example, few of my pages are in the first page because I recently made a post that was about lyrics that was not found on the internet. So Google had no other option than to place my content among the first 7.

What I am trying to let you know is, there are better ways of reaching your audience even before your pages are indexed by Google. Like Facebook for instance, is one of the most widely used social network on the internet. Over the years, Facebook has gradually evolved into a citadel of learning. A handful of persons no longer use the search engines. They belong to a certain group on Facebook, where answers to their questions are attended to without stress. Here, real humans will answer you, reason out with you. Not just one person, a handful of persons. If you doubt me, go through some of your friends profile at least five of your friends have joined up to 20 groups just to satisfy their need. This in itself has reduced the usage of search engines because as they login to Facebook, they get regular update on their area of interest. Google being the most popular search does not make it the all and all of the internet.

Have you ever wondered why big sites spend more money on social media advertisement? They should have outgrown this because they have better SEO but the importance of advertisement in any firm, industry or company can never be overemphasized. I have watched and seen and witnessed that no matter how gigantic or monopolizing you are, you can never outgrow advertisement. The advantage of this is number one: you'll have a wider reach and two: you'll build your community faster. Once you build your community, whether search engine or no search engine you will have a copious amount of visitors to your page. When Facebook advertise for you, they send your products to the doorsteps of your potential customers unlike Google search where the reverse is the case.

What do I do if I don't have money to advertise? Good question. One of the best tricks I抳used and I'm still using is to look for groups and pages where contents similar to my blog are discussed and contribute by sharing my link. Join as many groups as possible. Remember to always join groups that discusses your exact niche to avoid waste of time. While you join these groups, create your own group. Supply the link below your pages, people who are interested in your blog will join and that's how to build your community. Now, magic happens on Facebook. How? When you post content that your audience finds useful, they like it and share it. The advantage of this is that they're also help to advertise your blog to their friends. Imagine you post a certain content in the morning and in the evening you see 20 shares. You have been able to get a very wide audience. Imagine each individual's Facebook has 300 friends on average that means you have about 6000 potential views. At least 50% of those potential viewers will visit your blog. Now, what if it increases to 50 shares and goes up to 1000 shares and likes, think about.

There are other Social networks too like reddit which turns out to be one of the most visited websites in the US. Register with reddit, each subreddit has a rule. Make sure you follow their rule else you'll be ban. In reddit ,useful contents are voted up and trash contents are voted down. The more your content is voted up, the more visitors you get to your website because your rating is high. Also reddit can give you a good backlink to your blog. You can also build your own community here too by creating your own sub reddit for those interested in your blog.
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