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How much would you like to be paid? (Job interview question)

A simple job interview question was asked in a group of persons on Facebook and so many people responded. So, I thought this will be an opportunity for you to both learn and contribute. You can also leave your own contribution in the comment section below. 
Here is the question by Agnes Oghenetega
Good Evening To you all.  Please if  you go for an interview and you were asked how much you would like to be paid how do you go about telling them the exact salary you want?

   Here are the replies 
Abdullateef Sufi:  Tell them any amount due to job scarcity and u will get it 

Ogbeh Daniel Bamaiyi: Phinehas That means you’re worthless... I am the person in charge I would never give you that job

Onuoha Chukwudi Chris: You are very correct @phinahas, in fact, the question is very tentative and technical to

Bello Abdulmajeed Opeyemi: contributing to the success of the organization is my priority I believe salary changes with time I will really appreciate any attractive amount

Josef Friday Agnes: this is what you are going to tell them. 
'I believe that this company has an existing salary structure, I would not mind if I am included in that structure'.

Taiwo Alabi Thomas Mills: For any such interview, the  management want to test you to know how you are anxious about money, you can answer them to place you to any structure that fit you in their organization. You are ready to collect it in good fate but your goal is to promote the organization to greater height in future.

Sen Yusuf Kuranga: I will really appreciate any attractive amount, my objective is to add my quota to the growth of the organization

Atori Favour Urhievwe: Any amount is the best answer once you mention price you are Disqualified

Chinyelu Cynthia Egemonye: That's a trick question dear...answer objectively like Bello Abdulmajeed Opeyemi suggested. Employers use this question to throw people off most times. If u quote beyond their budget, they will tell u that u are over qualified and u wouldn't hear from them again and if u quote too low, they will see u as a cheap skate and one who cant be trusted with money. Just answer objectively.

Abonyi Kingsley: Just tell them to pay you according to their salary structure made for your qualification

Ogbeh Daniel Bamaiyi: Phinehas Tell them this “I know if I get this job the salary would be fair to me "... Never you tell them directly, rather use the indirect words

Diepriye Walter: Tell them that you're more interested in the job than the pay. And that you will like to be paid the appropriate salary that suit the position of the job. Also they should bear in mind the high cost of things within the country.

Ogundare Peace: I had been to an interview where they ask a question like this and I gave the exact message you put here and they still insisted that I should give them my minimum amount, I have to give them range.

Diepriye Walter: but sometimes they just want to confuse you because they already have a salary structure for the given position.
Diepriye Walter: best to do is to insist on your words earlier said.

Chiagozie Destiny: Is good to tell them what you want after you  must have  enquired and know what they’re  paying PDAs even if you don't specific

Mopki Mako Mopki: If they insist I'll say everybody want to be like Dangote so I'll turn it to joke if is ten thousand naira job I'll say if you'll be paying me 50k per month I'll still collect it .

Daniel Chima:  Personally I think your answer should depend on:
1. How well you know about the salary structure of the company. Does the company pay their workers a salary that is equivalent to the effort they put in or do they exploit their staff? 
2. The nature of the job. Is it a full time job, part time or a contract job? If its a part time or contract job, I will advise you tell them what you want them to pay you. But if it's full time, you may accept their own policy on salaries or remuneration. 
3. Your portfolio. Are you a professional, a consultant, a specialist in the job and is your services in high demand by other companies? If your services are in high demand, then it is very wise to state what you will like to be paid. But if you're not in high demand, you might play smart to the question and pretend not to love money. 
The point I am making is that if you know your worth, you can request for a certain pay. It is not a crime to state what you want to be paid. No wise and well trained interviewer will see you as greedy for saying how much you want to be paid because even he/she knows that everyone works to make more money and maximize profit. 
I hope this helped out. 
Best wishes in your interview

Muhammad S Abubakar: Being idle is a devil workshop.
I want to promote this particular organization or company to the best of my ability, I am more interested in the job than the salary. I always want to see that I am the promoters of this organization that is my primary objection. Any amount is welcome to me and I appreciate it sir.

Yahya S. Ibrahim: 150,000

Onyinyechi Julieth Njogo: Your answer will go like this, you would work for whatever they think is fair based on your qualification and company standard's salary level or that position, mind you that the interviewer is attempting to determine if your expectations are too high for them or too low.

Helen Chidinma Okoro Nnachi: Most firms now want to hear the amount. I know someone who missed out of a job cause  of this question. He tried telling them the company has a standard and knows what to pay him that he will stick by the company standard. But the CEO who was present refused and asked that he quote a value at the end he was scored low the CEO said he is unassertible and not experienced.

Abba M Saleh: You guys it seems to be you did not get him right you could have ask him which interview is talking about was it Npower or what let him be specific you’re  forcing  yourself to him. Guys just tell him if lyk make him ask them to pay him 1billion per month

Favour Okorodudu: Don't be too forward and don't be too cheap always just be Frank

Ekalo Deyoungest: The  interview through internet

Obekpa Solomon: Tell them you will like to discuss about the work responsibility prior to salary. But if there insist then you have to weigh the  size of the company and as the starter your salary should be between 40-60 that is, private organization.

Awodi Alexander Ocho Owens: Just tell the  interviewer that any amount organization wish to pay me, I am ok. What they will pay determine whether you will do or not.

Chika Enemuo: You have to investigate and know how much the firm is paying first, and tell them that. Don't over grade yourself nor under grade yourself. Simple.

Joseph Usman Ayara: The amount that is due to me

Tyopuusu Isaac Bem: Don't even try to tell them the amount you want them to be paying you, but let them be pay you what they have been paying others because as an organization they have a salary structure for new and old staff their organization.

Olawale Babatunde Badmus: you’re  are absolutely correct

Ndidiamaka Precious: My dear, some can insist ehh. I have gone for one like that, so I had to gather moral. I said ok that even if the company should pay me a billions of naira, like Olivier Twist I will still hungry for more. All the interviewers started laughing that was how they shifted from the question.

Okere Law: I will start like this, “Sirs, I know I'm not the first person to work in this capacity and if I'm, the organization has its salary standard level for every category of individuals, so I would want to fit in to the established standard".

Ahmed Dee Yusuf: It would not happen like that, in any organization been him private or government

Ndidiamaka Precious: @Agnes, some might insist on you mentioning a particular amount, if you know their salary structure already just give them an amount that is a little bit higher than, but if you don't know as a graduate you what is due for you, in that situation you can give them a range of what you are expecting. Make sure you don't under or over price yourself

Millicent Onyinyechi Chukwu: You are supposed to have a clue of what they pay others. Then give them a figure within that range

Yinusa Waheed Oyelade: Sir or ma, this organization have the code of conduct to pay salary for a new staff, just to use it.

Meneyaa Precious: Sr. Sir/ma, pay you as they have been paying their able staff.

Lukman Hussaini Tambuwal: Your qualifications and experience determines your salary.

Otega Akponine Akpovegho: No tell them what you worth,before going, try and Know the salary range if u say any amount it makes u look cheap before them so give them a range you feel and back it up you know this company or organization is worth that pay.

Muhammad S Abubakar: On behalf of Agnes are all done so very well with your advice we really appreciated all your contributions.

Mangai Arandong: ANSWER...
As an organization, I believe you have a salary structure, whatever amount you are paying your staffs at my level, I will be contented with it. 

Apine Bemsen Ezekiel: it’s very important to try n known what the organization pays, for this has been a common question in many job interviews, especially private. Then just mention something a little above their structure.

Omotosho Abiodun Peter: Tell them #500:00per month

Okito Aremowe: Junior Tell them if you are a graduate, to place you in graduate salary

Fatimah Shittu: Tell them you don't want to work for money but they should absorb you cause you are running a charity organization . Which means you are working for free

Taiye Elijah Balogun: Fatima, by running a charity organization, you meant? You're funny and naughty? Not surprised at your comment, at all?

Zhimada Aaron: I am OK with any amount the organization wish to pay me. That should be your reply OK.

Mshelia Junior Joseph: Depends on the  salary scale of the organization & the  salary of the  post you  apply for so don't exceed the limit of the  scale. Find that  out before you go.

Kingsley Ngwu: Love answers above, I got my job via this .
Note=my motive of being to this interview is to learn but one cannot do without money and I vividly knows that every company have a structural form of payment, pay me according to hierarchy.

Itz Freeborn Julius According to the company pay roll

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