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Coke: A Powerful household cleaner and stain remover

Coke is a cleaner, a stain remover, rust remover, removes stubborn stains on tiles and toilet, oil/grease stain remover, removes stains from clothes when combined with detergent, it  restores shininess to coin and jewelry, cleans bolt and nuts. This wonderful drink is a powerful cleaner.

A lot of people have argued that if this drink removes stain, then it is not worth taking it internally.  That will be for a future post. I had made a pre-post and I promised to make a detail post on how to use this drink for your overall household cleaning. One thing you should note of is; it is not a disinfectant, it is a cleaner and a stain remover. I had discuss early on other uses of beer click here to find out

Let us highlight the active ingredients in coke
Caffeine citrate, Citric acid, Vanilla extract, Lime juice, Flavor, Sugar, Cocoa ,Caramel, phosphoric acid, soda. From the ingredients listed so far, coke is highly acidic.

From the above, you can see that citric acid works wonders in household cleaning.   Citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits contains a considerable amount of citric acid but in their natural state.  So it also contribute to the removal of stains. Citric is also called sour salt. Citric acid serve as preservative for most beverages.

Lims juice can be added to whiten clothes. As a bleaching agent, it can effectively remove stains. Lime also nearly does the same thing as citric acid because citric acid comes from limes. See the addition of limes juice increases the acidity of the coke which in turns increase its ability to remove stain.

Many acids such as phosphoric acid were used in the past to remove calcium lime rust; carbonated soda removes grease stains, stains and also help to whiten clothes.
From the illustration above, you can see that this popular drink is a powerful cleaner.

For toilet Measure 1 cup of coke or as desired and pour into the lavatory. While pouring, make sure the coke touches those areas you want to clean. Leave it there for 1 hour, come back continue the cleaning as usual.
For coins, jewelries, nuts and bolts, and any small item, turn the coke into a container and soak them for 1 hour.
Things like carpet, tables, floor, tiles, should be washed the same as described above for toilet. Leave it for a couple of minutes. Probably 45 – 70 minutes, come back and wash.
Soak stained clothes with coke and detergent. Wash after 1 hour. Coke not only removes the stain, it removes the odour from clothes.
Coke can also be used to wash hair. This serve as a ready made tool to rid dandruff.

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