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6 Powerful ways to avoid Social Media Distractions

Self-discipline:  In my opinion, self-discipline is the master of all the tips I am sharing with you. Why self-discipline? Self-discipline comes into play because these tips don’t work automatically without you putting them to practice. You must first be willing to control yourself using these few tips I am going to share with you. Self-discipline will help you do the necessary things. You must make a conscious deliberate determined decision to adhere to these rules else it won’t work for you.

Turn off all Notifications: All social media messenger apps have a particular place to turn off notifications. Like Whatsapp for example, you can turn off the sound alert so that when there is a new message, you will not hear the sound of the notification. No matter how focus you are, you may eventually give in to checking what your phone is alerting you. When you check one message, another one pops in. It goes on and on. This is a very big temptation for social media addicts. So turn off notification sounds/ alert.

Turn your data off: When your data is on, even though you have turned off notification, the phone stills shows some icons that indicate unread messages which is a temptation if you were using your phone for something else. The essence of turning off your data is twofold. One: for you to come to social media any time of your choice and two to prevent your friends from thinking they were simply being ignored. This happens most times when they see you online and you’re not replying to their messages.

Use Web instead of Messenger app: There are times you need to be on the internet and you don’t want any distraction. Turning off your data may not be an option because you need the internet to get your job done. The perfect solution for this is to log out of all social app messengers and log in when you want or simply uninstall them, then use your web browser. This will help you to stay focus and go to the internet anytime you like.

Fix time to view all messages: I’ve seen people damn bored turning on their data to see 1000 unread messages. They just go over it without reading because they don’t even know where to start.  I mean I’ve experienced that too. My formula for this is to always view messages at a certain time in a day. You cannot be busy throughout the day. Maybe during your tea break, or when you wake in the morning, or when you’re back from work in the evening. You can carefully scroll and read or just skim through the messages. No matter how many there are, using one hour in a day is not that bad if you stick to it. By practicing this, you will never miss any important updates. It is not advisable to see chunks of messages and just go over them without reading. When you do this often, you come to realize that sometimes you ask questions that have been treated already in the forum or group thereby giving other people stress.

Priority: This will help you put first things first. As you wake, set goals and standards for the day or if what you do is the same thing every day, write down how your everyday life should go. If social media is your first thing, then put it as your number one but if it isn’t, then put it in the place where it belongs and stick to the rules. Social media is very important sometimes to help relieve stress but when it starts putting stress on you or start making you get the necessary jobs undone, then you have to look inwards and prioritize your time.

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