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Simple Steps on How to roast corn with charcoal

The subject matter sounds so simple but many people don't really know how to roast corn properly, even those in the rural area. This is the most  popular snack for this season in Nigeria. I  thought it would be nice to share the recipe on how to roast corn with charcoal. Well, for those that have low capital, this is a business you can't afford to lose. People hardly pass by without  buying  roasted corn sold by the road site. Combining it with roasted African pear makes it more finger licking.

  What you need
A small basin
An iron net
Matches and a little kerosene
fresh Corn
Salt (optional)
African Pear
Hand fan


  • Fill the small basin with charcoal and place it on top something that you can sit and watch the corn.
  • Pour a little kerosene on the charcoal and strike your match box to lit the charcoal to bring out flame. 
  • Allow the fire to burn the charcoal until the point of going out. Make sure the smell of kerosene is gone and no flame is left before placing the corn.
  • Use fan to blow the charcoal to maintain the heat. Make sure the heat is not too much
  • Cover the iron net on the basin
  • Get the corn, remove the husk and then place it vertically in a slanting position. The tip of the corn should face up.
  • Gradually use a hand fan to blow the charcoal to keep the heat on.
  • Turn the corn at intervals especially when the side that faces the heat is completely roasted.
  • Place African pear  on top of the iron net, turn the  sides of the pear at intervals until is is ready.
  • That's just the simple way to roast corn with charcoal.

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