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Perfect Solution to Kill Bad Breath in Just One Week

I'm going to address a very sensitive topic yet a very important topic and it is all about taking care of bad breath. Now, there are many people that are suffering from bad breath which is very uncomfortable. It's very annoying, it's very embarrassing and because of that people tend to be a bit withdrawn and no one want to be around a person with bad breath. Just imagine traveling on an aeroplane for six hours at six hours flight with someone sitting beside you with bad breath. That actually happens to me and it's not pleasant at all. However, you do not have to go around with bad breath. I have the perfect solution for you.

The first ingredient in our treatment is lemon: current bad breath with a lemon rinse has been used for generations. Lemons prevent the growth of bacteria in your mouth plus its tranches and smell death mask the odor.

The second ingredient is baking soda and baking soda work by actually neutralizing build-up acid.

Our third and final ingredient is mint: Mint comes to fight the bacteria in your mouth . It contains chlorophyll that can help to get rid of the odor causing bacteria from your mouth. Additionally, mint will leave its signature minty fresh safe behind.

So the start here's my mint so, I'm going to pick the leaves and you can also use the sentence I'm going to be boiling this. This is our mint and I'm going to use one cup of water (eight ounces) and I'm going to boil this for about five minutes. So after boiling this, I'm going to strain and this is our milk water and I'm going to put this aside to cool.  You want to make sure it is completely cooled.

I'm going to share the lemon and I'm using a large lemon if you have small ones you can use about two lemons once it is very juicy then it's good. So I'm going to juice two lemons and here I want to make sure I get as much juice as possible from the lemon. Now once it is done here are my three ingredients and this is our tea (mint water), baking soda and lemon juice.
So now I'm going to put this together and you want to use a bottle if you have a large bottle like this it's great if not then you could just make it in a cup so since we're going to store this mixture. You will store it in a glass jar so I'm going to use two tablespoons of baking soda and this is the baking soda. I'm going to have four tablespoons of lemon juice and right away you will notice the reaction of the lemon and the baking soda but that is quite normal. So now we're going to take our mint water and you want to make sure again that this is completely cooled.

So I'm using one cup of mint water and now I'm going to give this a stir and you want to really mix well. However, if you have a bottle with a proper cover then you could just close the bottle and you could shake. Now once it is done, here is your mouthwash for bad breath. Want to make sure to brush your teeth I think two times per day. You also want to get yourself a sponge scraper and you're going to scrape your tongue each time you brush your teeth and you're gonna also use a mouthwash of your choice now here is our mixture and this is pretty easy to take. So what you're going to do.  You're gonna pour the mixture and you just want to make a week supply so that you have it and to use three times per day. Now within a week you should be saying a much better, a refreshing breath.

Pour about two ounces in a glass or whatever it is a bathroom cup and you're just going to put it in your mouth. The lemon on the mint leave your mouth feeling really, really refreshed.  Try this and in no time your bad breath is gonna be a thing of the past. 

Oh and that's not all
You need to clean out a few bad habits and embrace some good habits
  1. Drink a lot and keep yourself hydrated.
  2. Stop smoking, stop chewing tobacco, reduce intake of fish, cheese, onions, garlic and other vegetables and spices in your diet.
  3. There are some medical conditions that can also contribute to bad breath this would include upper respiratory tract infections like acute and chronic sinusitis, and thrush as well as lower respiratory tract infections namely bronchitis and pneumonia, diabetes, acid reflux and lactose intolerance can also contribute to bad breath and certain liver and kidney diseases can set you up bad breath as well. If you have been diagnosized with these diseases, treat them as soon as possible to get rid of bad breath completely.
  4. Prevent yourself from fasting: eating something light every 2-3 hours may prevent bad breathe
  5. Cleaning your tongue: At least once a day. NOT with your toothbrush, use a specific designated tongue scrapercleaner which will remove a significant amount of germs.
  6. Proper oral hygiene: efficient brushing of the teeth at least twice a day and dental floss for the gaps between the teeth.
  7. Chewing sugar-less gum: This will make more saliva in the mouth which will refresh the mouth area.

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