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Motivational Nuggets that will raise you above mediocrity

  • The best decision is the decision you make that you feel proud of at any point in your life.
  • Make decisions that you'll be bold to say you are responsible for your decision.
  • A decision needs a certain emotional state. If you're too excited, you decide more than reality, if you're too depressed, you make wrong decisions.
  • Decide that nobody can make you unhappy.
  • Decide to be an asset in people's lives and not a liability.
  • The only time to give up is when your breathing ceases. Provided there is life keep on moving.
  • First, understand your problem then look for the solution.
  • God has provided answers to every question in life. Therefore there's no question without an answer.
  • Prayer is one of the greatest forms to get all answers to questions.
  • It takes a conscious effort to kill habitual attitudes.
  • Create room for acceptance of people's mistakes.
  • To live a peaceable life, accept people the way they are. Don't expect from them what they don't have.
  • You're either influencing or being influenced. Whichever one, make sure you're on the right path.
  • Don't take criticism personally. There are meant for your growth.
  • When you force people to change, they then become the best pretenders.
  • Faith without work is death. If you don't put to practice your beliefs soon it dies and other crippling things occupy your mind.
  • Courage comes in when your strength is gone. They work interchangeably but not at the same time
  • Do great work an ordinary man cannot reach but live a simple life an ordinary man can access.

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