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How can I soften my palms?

It is quite embarrassing and intimidating for you to have a handshake with somebody and his/her hands feels like a new born baby and yours like hard rock especially for the ladies. Though some people have argued that some hardness of the palm is inherited but a number of people that have hard palms are the ones that use it on hard objects or their job require using apparatuses with coarse texture. Whichever is the case (heredity or type of work), hard palm can be fully restored to very soft palms in less than no time. Below are few tips to keep your hands soft like a new born baby.

1. Warm water and salt
When I was little younger, after cutting so much firewood with a machet, my hands will become hard and in most cases blisters may appear. My mum, will always tell me to soak my hands in warm water whenever I feel my palms are getting hard. Simply add few tablespoons of salt to warm water and soak your hands for 10minutes

2. Olive oil and sugar
Pour one table spoon of sugar on your palms, add one spoon of olive oil then  use one finger to rub the mixture together. When the sugar has dissolved, gently rub the mixture with two of your hands.

3. Glycerin, rose water and lemon
Measure equal amount of glycerin, rose water and lemon. Rub gently with your two palms.

4. Lemon and sugar
Squeeze out the juice of lemon and dissolve the sugar in the juice. Scoop the mixture and gently rub your hands together. The lemon will also help to whiten and brighten your palms.

5. Coconut oil and olive oil: coconut oil and olive  will keep your hands moisturized and hydrated. When our palms are not hydrated and moisturized, it leaves the palms dry leading to hardness Apply generously before going to bed.

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