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Simple steps on how to extract pure avocado oil

The importance of avocado oil cannot be overemphasised as it has been used for centuries in various cosmetic products. Sometimes most cosmetic Industries do not add these oils well enough for consumers to benefit. Some may just put the fragrance of it so that it smells like it meanwhile it is not even there. Why should  you depend on these products when you can do it yourself with easy and comprehensible steps. Avocado oil is highly moisturizing for skin and hair.

What you need:
A blender, spoon, bowel, cheese cloth, stove or oven, avocado, pot, stick


  • Get 14 -16 avocado  and slice them into two half
  • Remove the seed inside and keep one side, then use spoon to scoop out the meat into a bowl
  • Repeat the above for all the remaining avocado
  • Turn the scooped avocado meat into a blender and blend until you have a smooth slurry paste
  • Turn the mixture into a pot and place under low heat until it gets dark. 
  • Alternatively, you can put the mixture in an oven and leave it for 4 hours. But before then, spread the mixture in a tray.
  •  The purpose of heating  is to remove excess water in the avocado in order to expose the oil for extraction.
  • Turn the  mixture into a cheese cloth, bring all the edges of the cheese cloth together, use a small stick to tie it, wind it until you get to closer to the mixture. 
  • By this time, the cheese cloth must have held the mixture very well due to the pressure from the tied stick, simply use your hand to press out the oil in the cheese cloth while doing that, a container should be beneath to collect the oil.
  • Turn the oil into a container that has lid.

Have a nice day!

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