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How to react to criticism (best trick ever)

As humans, every one of us has a picture of what each person looks like whether it is fact or not. We have a classification system in our brains that helps us to distinguish, define and tag certain things to people whether there truly what we perceive or not. Now, in the first place that is not the way you see yourself. That may not be the way your brain reads your ability. We tend to worry about what others think about us. We want them to praise us before we become happy.

Whoever you are, if you are waiting for people to praise you and not criticize you, then you may be barking up the wrong tree. People will say lots of shit that will scare you and may diminish your confidence if not properly handled. If you don’t discover this on time, they will make life very miserable for you. A lot of persons take delight consciously or unconsciously in finding fault.

One of the greatest tips ever is not to take things personally. You don’t have to kill yourself because of someone’s opinion. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. If their opinion says stinking things about you, then it is their opinion, not your opinion. By taking it personally, you are invariably inheriting their definition of you. Nobody dares to define you without your permission. Taking things personally is like them using a remote control on you. They now take charge of your life and determine when you should be happy, sad, or confident. From today, after reading this don’t pay attention to them. Whatsoever thing that is been said should be taken for laughter rather than been too serious. Click here to know reasons why you are often feeling hurt

Next, Always seek clarification: When things are been said rather than concluding hastily, it is advisable to ask questions. Asking questions will help you to filter the truth content from the false content.  Once you spot the truth content, that should be the only thing to work on. Discard the rest so that you can grow. Without criticism, growth would be retarded. Criticism helps to point out flaws in one's life whether they are said with biases or not. Don’t see it as prejudice and don’t take it personally, take it as an opportunity for growth. After finding answers to your questions, work on the truth content, forget about the rest. Behave as if you never heard anything. When you work on those flaws, you will gradually see that you are growing more than your critics.

Attitude is a great tool to determine your happiness and joy. Two persons may face the same problem. One looks happy and the other looks sad. Why is it so? It is so because of their perception. One sees that as the end of the world, the other sees it as an opportunity for growth. When you are criticized utilize that criticism as a stepping stone to your optimum growth. Never see it as a disaster especially when people do it in your profession. Make room for changes, convert their venom to candies. Click here to learn how to cope with anybody

Accept your mistakes and move on. Most times people make the same mistake over and over again. It is because they refused to be responsible for their mistakes. When that is done, it closes the opportunity for change. Change can only come when we need it badly.

If you want to grow beyond an average person start looking for criticism

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