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How to Increase Blog traffic using Facebook

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The above video shows  a simple method I used to increase my blog traffic
You can see it for your self. This is not  some robot stuff because robot won't have enough brain to chat me up for more clarification on what i have posted.

This is one of the coolest way I think there is to drive traffic fast to your site. By sharing your content where they are needed. Sharing your content where they are not needed is like a waste of time.
I came to realise that Facebook was the best platform to advertise the wonderful content in my blog.
Look for  a group that discusses what you have on your blog and share your content.

When you publish your content, tag it to your friends so that it will appear on their wall and their friends who seem interested in your post will come to your website.

Though i didn't discuss Google + in that video, i think is a cool way to start promoting your blog because it gets index faster on google search engine than your new blog.

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