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How is palm oil produced?
Palm oil is gotten from the fruits of palm tree. In the industry, palm oil is used for making cosmetic, soap,ink, waxes, toothpaste and lubricant. I don't know about your country but the country I come from (Nigeria), Palm oil is an indispensable oil for cooking nearly all Nigerian meals. Over 90% of Nigerian Population use palm oil for cooking daily.

What you need
Mortar, Pestle, Bowl, Strainer or sieve, Palm fruit,kettle, pot


  • Wash the palm fruit and turn into a pot and heat for 30 - 50 minutes ( it depends on the amount of heat).
  • Strain the water out and turn into a mortar and pound until all the fruit ( not the kernel) have been properly crushed.
  • Turn the crushed fruits into a bowl
  • Boil another water with kettle, next turn the hot water into the bowl containing the crushed palm fruits. Don't put too much water. Add water gradually as needed
  • Use a spatula to stir the mixture to ensure that the hot water reaches all parts of the crushed fruit in the bowl.
  • You will need two sieves, one that has bigger holes and another one that has  very tiny holes.
  • Place the sieve with bigger holes on top the second sieve with very tiny holes. Pour the crushed palm fruit mixture into the sieves  to filter. Use you spatula to press the mixture in the sieve  to remove the remaining liquid. Make sure a container is below the strainer to collect the oil.
  • Store your oil in a container if you don't want to use it immediately.

One thought on “How is palm oil produced?

  1. Hi. Tonight I will try your recipe for obtaining palm oil. I am from Brasil and there is a palm tree in my backyard. After my trial I will make more comments.
    Thank you for posting this recipe.

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