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Cocoa Butter Soap and Shear Butter Soap for normal to dry skin

Cocoa Butter/Soap
846g Coconut oil
269g Cocoa butter
242g Palm oil
213g lye
505ml Distilled water

Shea Butter Soap
500g OIive oil
250g Palm oil
333g Coconut oil
263g Shear butter
178g Lye
479ml Distilled water

20 litres mixing bucket, Stirrer, Thermometer, Weigh balance, Mold, Towel, cardboard, different containers for oil and lye, measuring spoon.

  • Choose one of the types of Soap you want  to make and follow the following instructions carefully
  • Make sure you put on protective clothes, goggles and gloves to protect your body against spillage.
  • Always keep vinegar with you to neutralize burns of chemicals.
  • Weigh out all the ingredients as listed above on a weighing balance
  • First dissolve lye into water and watch the temperature until it is closer to somewhere around 70 degrees Celsius
  • Add all the oils together and heat the oil under low temperature to 55 degree Celsius then drop the oil down.
  • By this time your lye should be the same temperature as the oil.
  • Gradually turn the lye into the bucket containing the oil and stir continuously until you it has mixed to trace. It may take about 20 - 30 minutes to trace
  • Turn this mixture into their various molds and allow to stand in the mold for 48 hours. Cover the soap with a cardboard paper and finally cover with a thick towel to keep it warm.
  • After 48 hours, remove the soap and cut them to size, put them in a waterproof bag and allow for 4 weeks to cure. After 3 weeks, your soap is ready for use.

Cocoa/Palm Soap and Shea Butter Soap is good for normal to dry skin

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