7 Simple steps to stay Positive

We are created to be happy beings. Once in a while, toxic thoughts fly into our minds. Our reaction to these thoughts will determine their longevity. If you invest your time on negative things, and you keep nursing these thoughts until it gradually becomes habitual, you will always produce negative results. Victory begins in the mind. It is your right to stay positive.

Let me use farming, for instance, you don’t start planting seeds amid weeds. Firstly you plough the land and do everything necessary to prepare the land for sowing. When it is time for sowing, you don’t sow weeds you sow crops. Though weeds are not needed on your farm, they grow like an uninvited guest. The moment they start growing, a good farmer will start getting rid of them. If he allows those weeds to grow together with the seeds, soon they will overshadow the actual crops and reduce their productivity and take up the whole space.

Same thing with the mind it is like a field that seeds are planted. If the right kind of seed is planted and nurtured,  productivity will be high. If the right kind of seeds are planted but no follow-up to remove weeds, productivity will be low. If the wrong seeds are planted and nurtured, they will be zero productivity. So the ball is now in your court.  The choice is yours. Any option you choose will determine your destination.

Format those toxic thoughts, they are not good for your mental health. They wear you down. This is what Jim Rohn calls “disease attitude”. Don’t allow those negative thoughts to determine your destination. Many people nurse harmful desires and expect good results which is impossible.

Let us look at how to stay positive

Always feed your mind with positive things: This may sound like a slow-motion thing. But it is little drops of rain that make a mighty ocean. Feed and regurgitate on the things that will put you forward rather than backward. Throw away all those things that inject toxicity into your mind.

Remove worry out of your dictionary: When you worry over issues, the solution runs away from you even if you are closer to them.

Flee from people that sow toxic waste to your vision: There are people 24/7 that are ready to reduce all your ambition to nothing. They don’t fight nor quarrel. Their weapon is directed towards your mind. If they can divert your mind to something else and then sow harmful seeds, their mission is completed. Staying around such people will reduce your productivity because they will always sow harmful seeds and then watch them grow.

Fear should be replaced with Caution: Like the bible says, fear is torment. Most things we fear are either not real or inwardly generated. Fear can make you lose great opportunities. It is natural for every human to fear but never allow fear to hinder you from what you have on the road map. Even if you never had one, there’s no cause to fear rather replace fear with caution.

React positively to criticism: visualize criticism as a tool for your maximum growth. Click here to view the previous post on criticism.

Surround yourself with like minds: You are an average of the people you associate with. Form good rapport with people that have the same vision as you. Don’t be afraid to hang around them.

Read the Bible and pray: The bible is as practical as it is written. It is more than the whole textbook put together. Read the bible and pray for your vision, ambition, and mission. You need leadership, God is the only one that can direct your footsteps.

Do have a nice day!

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