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Simple steps on how to produce Harpic toilet cleaner

 Harpic is the brand name of a toilet bowl cleaner. It has been found to be effective in removing  stains  on tiles, lavatories and  bath etc. It is highly recommended that you put on gloves, protect your eyes  with goggles to avoid spillage from highly concentrated acid. Be very careful, keep chemical far away from children. Most of the chemicals here are very corrosive.

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Lets get going


7.5        liters  water
125      Nitrosol
250g      Caustic Soda
250      Soda Ash
500g     Texapon
500ml   Sulphonic Acid
1 litre      HCl
Deep blue       Colour
Perfume (optional)

Before Production
Dissolve nitrosol in 5 litres of water
Dissolve caustic soda in 1 litre of water in another container
Dissolve soda ash in 1.5 litres of water of water in a separate container
Mix texapon and sulphonic acid together
Add Hcl to  1 litre of  water

Please do not turn water to HCl, rather turn HCl to water. Failure to do as instructed may lead to spillage of concentrated acid on you.

Method/ Procedure

Mix Caustic Soda solution with Nitrosol solution and stir vigorously
Add soda ash solution to the above and continue stirring
Add  the mixture of texapon and sulphonic acid to the above
Add HCl solution to the above carefully and slowly ( please be real careful with this). Keep your face away from the mixture.
Add Colour and perfume
Stir and package
Altogether should about 10  litres. You can also dilute it if it is too thick.

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40 thoughts on “Simple steps on how to produce Harpic toilet cleaner

  1. Thanks for this helpful materials.
    Please what quantity of above materials will be enough for 25 litres.
    Looking forward to receiving from you.

  2. Its a pleasure
    For 25 liters

    Water – 18.75 liters
    Nitrosol – 312.5ml
    Caustic Soda – 625g
    Texapon – 1.250kg
    Sulphonic acid – 1.250L
    HCl – 2.5 litres
    Colour – As desired
    Perfume – as desired.

    Please I'll advice you to start small and perfect it before making in large quantity.

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