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Simple Steps on how to make Zobo Drink

Zobo is a Nigerian beverage  which derived its name from the Hausa language. The drink is made from  Roselle plant flowers  a specie of Hibiscus. It has different kinds of names in different parts of the world. If you are not a nigerian and you're not familiar with the name, search for roselle plant on google to know how your country calls it to give you a clue of what we are about to do.

Zobo leaf  2 cups
Sugar ( to taste)
Ginger ( to taste)
Pineapple flavour ( 1 sachet)
Cocacola flavour (1 sachet)
Pani pani (to taste)

Wash the zobo leaf and boil
Peel the garlic Onion and ginger and pound pani pani together
Then add it into the zobo leaf that is boiling for at least 30 minutes
Then remove from the fire and sieve, and allow to cool
Then add pineapple flavour and coca-cola flavour and sugar
Put in fridge to cool and serve. 

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