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Simple Steps on how to make Kunu Drink
Kunu is a popular drink in Nigeria mostly the Northern part of Nigeria. It is made from fermented millet. Nigeria is  the second largest producer of Millet outside India. About 5 millions tonnes are produced every year as estimated by FAO. Millet has a decent amount of nutrients. In India, it is used to make alcoholic beverage but this tutorial covers how to make non - alcoholic beverage from millet.

Lets get going...........


  • 3 cups of de - hulled millet (Dehulling is the process of removing the hulls (or chaff) from    seeds. This is sometimes done using a machine known as a huller)
  • 1 Medium size peeled sweet potato
  • 2 Medium size peeled ginger
  • 1 table spoon cloves
  • Sugar ( to taste)

  • The seed should be soaked in water and allowed to ferment for 2 days. Within these 2 days, the water should be changed at least every 7 hours
  • After 2 days, discard the water again  and wash very well to remove all forms of dirt in the millet and then add ginger, potato and cloves.
  • Grind the mixture with a grinder or a blender that is powerful enough to grind it to smooth slurry paste. While grinding or blending, water should be added continuously to enhance the complete grinding of the seeds. If it is not well ground, turn it again and grind.
  • Sieve or filter the mixture with a fine white cloth or sieve.
  • Allow the filtered mixture to sediment for 6 hours, then pour out the liquid part that is up                ( Supernatant) leaving the  semi solid sediment (down)
  • Divide the mixture into two parts (Part A should be two thirds of the mixture, and Part B, one third).

  • Add small quantity of water to Part A and then add boiled water and stir continuously
  • Add a little cold water to part B.
  • Mix the two content again and stir continuously. Then add water as desired.
  • You can still sieve the content again to remove the chaffs but this is optional
  • Add Sugar to taste.
  • Put the drink in a refrigerator. It is best when served chilled.
Have a nice day!

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