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Simple steps on how to make Izal

Izal is one of the common disinfectant used regularly at home,schools, hospital, and different place. It  is highly concentrated and very effective when used in toilet cleaning, floor tiles and other surface. Below are simple steps on how you can make izal disinfectant.

 To avoid wastage, you can divide it by two to produce in 5 litres. The measurement for this izal is for 10litres. If you want to produce in large quantities, multiply each measurement by the amount you want to produce. You can also click here to learn how to make dettol liquid antiseptic. 

IZal Material/Ingredients for 10 litres

  • Texapon                300ml
  • Pine oil                 600ml
  • Phenol                  600ml      
  • Lysol                    600ml
  • Izal sponsor          600ml
  • Carbolic Acid       600ml
  • Izal concentrate    600ml
  • Whitener              300ml
  • Water.                   5liters

Procedure/Steps for making Izal

  • Pour texapon into a bowl
  • Add pine oil and mix/stir very well
  •  Add  phenol and mix very well
  •  Also Include lyzol and mix very well
  •  Add the booster and mix
  •  Then add around 5liters of water and mix 
  •  Then add some water to carbolic acid in a separate bowl to dilute it before you add it to the   mixture. 
  •  Add izal concentrate and mix. 
  •  Add some water to whitener to dilute. Then pour into the mixture and mix together.
  •  Add the remaining water and stir it properly.
Before going to try out why not read further the functions/ uses of the active ingredients in Izal.

Function of the ingredients in Izal

Texapon is widely used as a thickening agent in liquid soaps, disinfectant and antiseptic.

Pine oil which should be differentiated from pine nut oil is a pale yellow essential oil with mildly antiseptic properties. It destroys germs without causing much harm to the body. It has many functions in aromatherapy. Pine nut oil is gotten from pine nuts while pine oil is gotten from pine tree through steam distillation.

Phenol is a white aromatic compound widely used in small amount in cleaning household equipment.

Lysol is another powerful ingredient in most disinfectant used to kill surface and air bacteria. It's also used in variety kitchen cleaning cleaners.

Carboxylic acid is an organic acid that has a a carboxyl group.

Whitener gives izal a white colour when added.

Izal concentrate gives Izal a very potent and lasting disinfecting effect to wherever it is applied.

Izal Sponsor acts like a booster.

Water is a universal solvent

  1. Updated: 20th May, 2020

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