Simple Steps on how to make Coconut oil Soap

Today we are going to learn how to make coconut oil soap.The first step is to get your mold ready. So that after the mixing you can turn your soap into the mold. The next thing you need is a bucket lets say 20 litres paint container. Remember to put on your safety equipment. i.e  goggles for the eyes, mask for the nose, and gloves. Also, keep vinegar around in case any chemical spill on you, you can apply  vinegar  on that spot and it will neutralize the burns. You also need a mixer but if you don’t have, you can use a very long stick to stir. It also recommended that you have a thermometer so that you mix things together at the proper temperature so that your bars come out right.

24.25 oz Distilled Water

9.7 oz Lye
54 oz Coconut Oil

Eucalyptus oil or any fragrance of your choice
Light blue colour
  • Pour  lye into  water and stir until it dissolves. Remember always to pour lye into water and not water into lye to prevent spillage and injury. Then wait for the temperature to come down.
  • Pour the lye in to the coconut oil and stir continuously until it mix completely. Your coconut oil  should be liquid. If it is not liquid, keep it outside under the sun until it is liquid.
  • Add very little amount of colour and fragrance and stir to mix
  • Use a big spoon to the soap from the bucket into the mold. Bounce the mold so that all the soap will fill the mold under.
  • Cover the mold  containing the soap with a card board. Use a towel to cover the entire soap again. Leave it there for 24 hours and then take them out of the mold.

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