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Rules for making your perfume formula

Note taking or Recording: This is one of the most important thing you must do in order to be consistent in your formula and result. You may likely not remember the measurement you took, so it is absolutely necessary to keep proper record of all the amount of essential oil and alcohol you used in making your perfume formula. There’s 90% possibility that you may never produce the same formula the rest of your life, if you don’t record.

Start with small amount: This part is one of the major things I learn in Biochemistry Lab. You don’t have to measure exactly what is written. You can reduce the volume but keep the concentration the same.  Starting with small amount will safe your money, avoid waist and will enable you carry out a lot of experiments with little quantity of your raw materials. If you don’t understand this visit my previous page here to get a clearer view.

Smell your perfume at different times: It is necessary to smell your perfume at different times to ascertain the properties of each raw materials (essential oil), their longevity and tenacity. By smelling them at different times will provide you with information about the top note which last for just 30 minutes and are highly volatile, the middle note which stays longer and are heavier and the base note which stays longest some even 24 hours.

Your measurement should be in percentage: In our previous posts, we talk about types of perfume and also percentage calculation, you can visit these pages to get a better understanding.

Avoid distractions: Yes it is very crucial  that you avoid distractions as much as possible because this may lead you to measuring or  recording incorrectly. If need be stay in the room alone to formulate your perfume.

Do not measure by Volume and weight at the same time: It is highly recommended that you stick to one method. Do not mix the two method else your result will not be the same. i.e don’t measure by volume one time and weight the next time, or mix the two methods unless you’re writing it down in your notes that A was by volume, B by weight.

Cover your perfume: Do not leave your perfume open after production. Rather turn it into a bottle or a spray bottle and cover it properly. Keep it away from the sun.
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Don't give up: very powerful, even if your perfume does not smell good don't give up just keep trying. Experience will give you a better understanding.

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