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How to make Vaseline at Home
Vaseline is popularly used for babies and  can also  be used as a lubricant, it can also be used as a moisture insulator for local skin conditions characterized by tissue dehydration.  It is used to soften rough skin,it is used as hair cream and it can also be used for preventing cold and cough when applied topically ( the chest preferably).

Petroleum Jelly        (10 spoons of 15ml)
Crodax wax            ( 1 spoon of 15ml)
Paraffin oil             ( 3 spoon ofs of 15ml)
Lanolin                  (1 spoon of 2.4ml)
Perfume                    to taste
Colourant                 to taste
Vitamin  E               ( 1 Spoon of 7.5 ml )

  • Put the crudax wax in a clean pot and heat and allow to melt
  • Then add petroleum jelly and paraffin oil and put lanolin and colourant and stir and mix very well
  • Put the pot down and allow to cool to a temperature of a lukewarm water
  • Then add perfume and stir
  • Then turn it into a container
    NB: For Baby vaseline, use pure white paraffin oil and add vitamin E
      If the mixture is too thick add more paraffin oil.
        If too oily, add wax. If it is not shiny or slimy, add more jelly

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        Balm is a vaseline mixture.
        Add menthol  of 15ml
        1 spoon of 15ml industrial camphor
        1 spoon of 15 ml peppermint oil
        Use kettle to heat to avoid less of the menthol

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