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How to make neutral shoe polish
We all know how good it is to polish shoes especially with good polish. Today i want to share with you how neutral polish is made. Neutral shoe polish can be used to polish a wide variety of shoes both black, brown, white in fact any colour. Its beauty comes from the shiny nature it leaves on shoes when applied. With small amount of cash, one can make a simple but high quality homemade neutral polish.

Following these simple steps will lead to producing a nice and  lasting neutral  shoe polish. No additional knowledge is required.


Bees Wax   - 1/4kg (250g)
Turpentine      1/8 cup of 31 ml or kerosene
Paraffin oil   (1/8 cup of 31ml)
Petroleum    1/ 4 cup of 62 ml
Colourant      Black or none ( to taste)


  • Heat the bees wax in a pot
  • When dissolved, add turpentine, make sure that the heat of fire is not too much. This might set fire in the mixture.
  • Then add colourant, and petroleum jelly and paraffin oil and stir properly to mix very well
  • The pour in a container to congeal before use

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