How to Make Body Cream (Method 2)

Creams are for caring the skin of the face, hands, and other parts of the body. Product forms may be creams, milky lotions and gels. The purposes are diverse and include repairing the skin from damage, moisturizing the skin, whitening the skin and blotches, and protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays. 

The oily components, which give the efficacy and determine the feel of use, may be carbohydrates, esters, and higher alcohols. Nonionic surfactant and fatty acids are mainly used to emulsify the oily components. Polymers are added to stabilize the product form. Polyhydric alcohols are for moisturizing, and alkalis are combined to neutralize fatty acids

You will need Two pots. Pot  A & B
Pot A
  • 5 Spoons of Crudax Wax
  • 2 Spoons of ethyl alcohol
  • 7 spoons of stearic acid
  • 100ml of paraffin oil
  • 3 ml of petroleum jelly

Pot B

  • Put 4 litres of water in pot B
  • Add 2 spoons of Borax to the water
  • Add ½ Cosmetic preservative and stir
  • Add 6 spoons of propylene glycol
  • Add two spoons of glycerin

Heat the above in a Pot A to dissolve and pour it to a basin
Boil the solution in pot B stir to blend before adding generally to the basin you turned the content of pot A. Stir to mix.

Add perfume of your choice and mix before putting into the container.

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