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How is Soya beans powdered milk produced?

The importance of soya milk and it nutritious content can not be overemphasized. The advantage of the powdered soy milk over the liquid one is the longevity. The powdered milk has a shelf life of one year if packaged properly unlike the liquid which does not last for  more than 24 hours unless it is enhance with the provision of a refrigerator and stand by light. With the powder soy milk, one does not have to do it over and over again especially if it is for home use. If you want to start with this as your business, get a company to supply you with containers, then get NAFDAC approval, register your business and start with all amount of strength you've got/

Lets get going..........

Soya Beans seeds ( 5 cups)
Milk Flavour dried ( 1 sachet)
Vanilla flavour ( dried)

Soak the soya beans in water  and then wash off the back
Dry it on the sun and let it be properly dried
Then fry it on the oven or stove to dry very well until it becomes brown
Then grind it  to be very smooth and then filter.
Add milk and vanilla flavour
Package for use or sale.

Other alternative milk for lactose intolerant individuals  are Peanut Milk  Rice Milk. Click each of these links to  view.
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