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How do I make my own body cream?

It is no more news that you can do anything yourself only if you are willing. Gone are the days were only one or two companies monopolise the way things are made and produced. Below are simple steps on how you can make your own body cream. No special training is  require. Only follow the steps given below and you'll find it useful and rewarding.
lets get cracking........

Crudax wax( 1/3 Cup of 31 ml)
Lambritol  (1/3 Cup of 31ml)
Setyl Alcohol ( 1 spoon of 15ml)
Stearic acid ( 1 spoon of 15ml)
Paraffin oil (1/8 cups of 31ml)
Petroleum jelly (1/8 cup of 31 ml)
Preservative (STTP)  (1/2 teaspoon)
Perfume  (pears perfume)
Glycerine   ( 1 Spoon of 5ml)
Vitamin E  (1 spoon of 5ml)
Water   ( 1 bottle of 35 ml)


  • Measure water and boil to 100 degree Celsius and allow to cool
  • Measure the quantity of water you want and add colourant and preservative together and stir very well
  • Put the crodax wax and lambritol in a clean pot on a stove
  • Then put stearic acid and stir for 4 - 5 minutes. Leave it to melt and add setyl alcohol, but in this process, it is highly inflammable, so at this point make sure that the flammable is lower that the pot so that it will not catch fire.
  • Allow to melt properly
  • The bring it down immediately, add petroleum jelly and also add paraffin oil and also add glycerine and vitamin E.
  • Then pour the mixture in a bowel and use the mixture in 1 and 2 and pour gradually, stir it together very well to the texture your want, then add perfume to it 
  • Lastly, turn in container for use. 
NB Cream is always thicker that lotion. 
If you want lotion, add more hot water to the cream. 
Always allow it to cool before pouring into a container so that it will not have vapour

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