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Homemade Mosquito Repellant Liquid
Living with insects  is not only dangerous to health but also one of the health hazards. These tiny creatures have sent so many to their early grave.  Like the popular one we know in Africa called mosquito. This little monster has let to so many deaths in Africa and it is still slaying both young and old. Why do you want to   live with this harmful monster. Why not take this golden opportunity to prepare a homemade insecticide. It will save you a lot of money.

An insecticide as we all know  is a substance used to kill insects. They include ovicides and larvicides used against insect eggs and larvae, respectively. You can make insecticide yourself and even for commercial purpose using the following simple steps.


VIP         1 litre
Sniper    1 litre
Raid       1litre
Industrial Camphur    1 cup of 125ml

  • Take a plastic bucket and pour VIP and also the sinper and add the raid and also the industrial camphor into it
  • Then mix properly and shake very well and Pour into container either plastic or bottle for use and sell
  • Please buy sealed chemical and you can also use add kerosene if you want to.
Depending on the material you find in the chemical store we have provided more recipes. Here is a second one.


Industrial camphor
Calispto oil                      500ml
Kerosene or methanol. 4liters
Sniper                               500ml
Colour preferably pink ( fat soluble)

Turn sniper into the bucket containing kerosense and stir properly

Add calipso oil and stir 

Add industrial camphor and stir.

Dissolve colour with a little kerosene or methanol. Then turn it to the mixture containing all the ingredients. Stir until a homogeneous mixture is formed. 

Your insecticide is ready. Turn it into a spray bottle. The remaining insecticide should be kept airtight.

Click here to learn how to make natural insecticide.

Updated 12th April, 2017

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