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For Perfume Lovers, Tell us your experience and challenge.

Well, I noticed in the previous week that I had tons of traffic from  perfume lovers from different countries especially Nigeria and the US followed by Kenya. I have come back to create this post for those that have tried out their perfume formula. We will like you to share your experiences or challenge on the comment section below. If you have any observation, problem or new methods or discovery, please also share it with us.

Did your perfume last long? was your perfume too strong? How did it made you feel? How can we help to improve your perfume? Tell us what is hindering you from starting your perfume business.
Do you still have problem with blends and smell or choosing the right fragrance? Are you confused with top note, middle note and base notes?

how long does perfume last on skin?
how long does perfume last once opened?
best perfume that lasts all day?
how long does perfume last unopened?
how long does perfume last on clothes?
types of perfume smells?
perfume that changes scent on each person?
how long does perfume last before it expires?

Please hit the comment section below to get your answer with the speed of light.

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