The reasons people fail

Disobedience to laws governing a process

From various observations, I have come to find out that, the greatest reason people fail is that they failed to obey the laws governing what they want to achieve. To everything God created, there is a law. It is man’s responsibility to search out and find out the principle behind such a venture to succeed.

Law is a system of rules that governs a particular thing. Laws in countries are the whole system of rules that must be obeyed as a citizen of that country. When people disobey the law, they are served with punishment which will either teach them a lesson or serve as a deterrent to others. To fit this into our context, when rules and regulation guiding a particular concept is not properly kept, the individual involved is going to face the music irrespective of his personality or status. As a student, for example, it is expected that you hit the books, attend lectures, buy recommended textbooks, prepare for quizzes and exams, and participates in all activities that will lead to your success, because that is the nature of the beast. Now, when one or all of these rules are not properly kept, it is quite obvious that you will not come out in flying colours. Many people default by repeating the process without obeying the laws governing the process. It is not how long you repeat a process to achieve a result that counts but, how much you obey the law governing the process while repeating the process.

Before inventors can invent anything either by intuition, trial and error, insight, knowledge, experience, or a combination of either all or some of these factors, they must learn to understand the law that governs their inventions. Benjamin Franklin achieved success in discovering electricity after several attempts of knowing the laws that govern electricity. When he finally understood the rules, he followed the rules, then he got it. Just like there’s a saying that “you cannot solve a problem until you understand the problem”. Driving it home to our context, you cannot excel well until you understand the law governing what you want to achieve.

Nature has it that “whatever you propagate, that’s what you earn”. Now, this is a law, it is expected that for you to harvest maize, you have to plant maize seed. If one does not adhere to this rule, his expectation would be full of disappointments. This is what most people do in businesses, schools, jobs, etc. They want to enjoy success when they did not plant success. Plant success and you will harvest success.

Succeeding in the political realm has a law. The law demands outstanding popular vote to be appointed political seat. You may have worked hard as your opponent and may, at first sight, be neck and neck with your opponent but he finally emerged as the winner. This final result shows that this person did his homework. Though the other counterpart who failed worked hard, the fact remains that the winner obeyed the rules to the dot and received a prize for it.

There’s a law too that requires you to have before giving ( you cannot give what you don’t have). People tend to go for things that don’t fit them. They try to force it on themselves because others are making it through that way. Many things don’t just go down well with your general physiology. When you go into such ventures you hit the rock too soon and will lack the willpower to withstand it because it was not your thing in the first place.


Another reason people fail is a lack of interest. Interest can come naturally, through motivation, inspiration, etc. Interest, according to the Oxford advance learner dictionary is defined as “the quality that something has when it attracts somebody’s attention or make them want to know more about it” For Students to come out well in any course or subject, they must first find the subject or course of study fascinating. Research has it that, people flunk mathematics, not because of its complexity but because of lack of interest in the subject matter therefore, their mindset has been made to believe that they would not pass the course even if they do their best. When you love a particular field, you’ll be interested in whatever goes on in that field. Passion leads to interest, interest leads to curiosity, curiosity leads to answers to problems.


A lot of people fail not because they don’t have the ability or the quality of succeeding in a particular venture but because their minds have been fixed to negative thoughts. Once our mind is defeated, we are defeated completely. Defeat from the inside is the greatest defeat we ever faced. With a defeated mindset, nothing is achievable. People that once failed a lot of times begin to develop a pessimistic mindset. They don’t believe they can do it anymore. They are afraid to try again, They are afraid of risk, “what if I fail again?, what if I lose my personality?, what if I die in the process? what if…. “It goes on and on until they finally settle on defeat. When negativity pulsates you, your natural ability to do anything goes to extinction. When that happens, you begin to think something has gone wrong with you or somebody has stolen your talent. Nothing is wrong with you, all you need to do is to change that negative mindset and move forward. Believe in yourself. Don’t wait for approval to believe in yourself.

I have come to realize that most people have compulsive obsessive disorder a condition where you don’t have any control over any thought concerning a particular thing. In such cases, focus more on the positive. Meditate on the positive until you begin to dream positively. Gradually, it is going to disappear into space. Successful men face downtimes but they don’t allow deleterious thoughts to control them instead they learn powerful lessons from there. If they made it, you too can make it.
All men face challenges at one point of life or the other, their approach is what makes the difference.


As one who aspires to break a leg, you must plan. Planning they say is the gateway to success. One cannot just get up and start building a house without carrying out a feasibility study, plan and then calculate how much is required to get the building started to finish. It is very wrong to start a venture without planning. Planning is a law that goes before and after establishing any venture. Planning does not end, it is a continuous process that is required of you. Planning will facilitate your knowledge of the pros and cons of any task you are about to undertake. In planning, you need other people too to assist especially, experts in the field of study you are venturing into. From here, you can seek advice, identify trends and make wise decisions that will help you in the long run.

When we fail to plan, it shows the level of unseriousness and unpreparedness we manifest. Whitney Young, Jr. once said, “It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than have opportunity and not be prepared”. If you want to achieve anything in life, you’ve got to be prepared. You have to do everything necessary to reach that goal. You’ve got to plan properly. You ask yourself this question, what do I need to achieve this goal? Am I qualified? What measures can I take to be qualified? Then if you are not qualified hang around people that are qualified. Make contact with them, assist them in one or two services, study their behaviour, study their attitude.

An unprepared task returns an unprepared outcome. Many people don’t focus on planning and preparation for the task ahead and expect huge returns. Les Brown once said, “When you are casual about life, you will end up a casualty”. Life is a strict business, is not a venture to monkey around else it will make a monkey out of you.  You’ve got to dedicate time, effort, and persistence to your goal. You prepare by digesting the right material to have insight into the area you want to go, surrounding yourself with people of the same goal, focusing on your objective, removing those barriers to your goal if you can, strategize ways to make your goals unique, revisit all your goals over and over.
Many folks spend a whole lot of time reading trash, which will not motivate them. A true vision must be selfless. Great men die, but their works never die, they live on. So, the only way to think the way Albert Einstein thought is to read the books of Albert Einstein. In so doing, you communicate directly with the mind of the great men.
Life is a serious business. If your monkey around, it’s gonna make a monkey out of you.

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