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Strategies on how to Focus on your Goals

In the last post, I discussed persistence. Well, let’s look at what focus is. Focus is the ability to pay attention to a particular thing. When you focused on a particular thing, you lose focus on other things. That means for you to be focused, you have to be single-minded.  A lot of persons quit too soon because they lack focus.  If you want to achieve any goal, then  focus should be your friend. You just can’t go for every tom, dick and harry. Your standards should serve as a guide to prevent you from deviating. Let us look at ways on how to focus on a goal.

  • Priority: Many people don’t know how to arrange what they want in their order of significance which is too bad for anyone who aspires to hit many milestones. They tend to go for anything. Most humans chase what they did not bargain for. Even in Economics, if you don’t know how to make a scale of preference, you end up not buying the most important thing. It was necessary to always put first things first and last things last.
  • Cut out the weeds of distraction:Distractions are everywhere. They seem to bombard our minds. Some are very exciting, some charming, and some welcoming. Distractions most times don’t come as harmful monsters, else we would quickly recognize them. They come like subtle beings. Before you realize it, it has navigated you to the wrong place.  Anything, be it exciting or not that does not fit into your goals and standard, simply cut it off and keep the ball rolling.
  • Learn to manage your time: The importance of time management cannot be overemphasized. For you to be successful, you must learn how to allocate your time for all activities. Remember time can only equal money when value is attached to it.  Make sure every minute of your time has a value attached to it. And these values should meet your goals and objective.
  • Streamline your goals to tiny bits:  Narrow your goals until it becomes clear. It should be so powerful that in one sentence, you can summarize your goal. 
  • Categorization: Imagine entering into an apartment that has everything scattered everywhere. The cup is kept in the same place with clothes,  spoons are kept together with shoes, tissue paper kept where plates are kept, etc… You can hardly find anything in such apartment because everything is kept in the same place, all scattered. Now imagine this same apartment is now arranged with everything kept in their appropriate places. You go for anything you want with precision. This saves time and energy. For your to focus, you have to rearrange all the points in your goals and put them in categories. By doing so, it makes you see the goals as small rather than a weird large list of uncategorized goals. Looking at that huge list of goals is very discouraging.
  • Passion: passion has been one of my most discussed topics lately because, without passion, you’ll lack the energy to carry on. As humans, we have a huge amount of strength and tolerance for the things we like doing. Even in the darkest moment of our life, we still see possibility in the things we like. You can never focus on the things you hate.  Your goals must be filled with things you love doing. There’s so much strength in passion.

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